Frank and Rex


Mike and Frank Banter: SLOTLT, #ScarletFire and EE93's Return
is a web-video released in July 2015 to explain some news and announce EE93's return.


Frank introduces himself and is about to talk about some updates when Mike came in with a boom box playing a rock-kind of song. as he interrupt Frank, the two start to argue until Frank remarks about publicity that the upcoming film Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure will marks their first appearance in CGI. until Mike cuts out, saying that Frank will not appear in the movie. Frank gasps and complain, Mike jokes that if a Christopher Awdry character gets rendered in CGI, EE93 will write a rap-battle episode for them. 

EE93 responds that he never agreed to this, and jokes about how the way they look while arguing, and he preceeds with the speech for the viewers.

Culdee Fell, will not be the following episode, but a promo is on schedule to be release soon, EE is working on a short episode as a warm-up of what's to come about Samson, with a promo coming out soon. He talks about his contribution to The Adventure Begins remake from thetttecommunity, and that he owes a lot of lines to users, and recommends some channels with stunning work on it - TheScotsmanReturns and Turtlesandthomas/Sudrian Conflict.

He ends the shout-out with a promise of more antics from Mike and Frank, and lots of good stuff on the way.



  • This is the first where EE93 actually speaks and interact with his characters.
  • This is the first time in the series where Christopher Awdry and Andrew Brenner are mentioned.
  • This is the first appearance (although none of them speak) of Samson, Ryan, Skiff, Sailor John, and Sam.