This page is for the Minor Human Characters in Enterprising Engines!


Throughout the Enterprising Engines! series, many human characters have appeared (all personified using various Lego minifigures), albeit workmen, etc., yet have not made significant appearances or have a significant backstory qualify to have their own page. This list is not exhaustive.


The Guard


The River Bridge workman.

The Guard is a guard who is involved in several predicaments on Sodor. He was first seen jumping out of Percy's train after Paxton stopped it, noticing Percy had a faulty truck. He was scolded by Paxton's driver for jumping ship at the first sign of danger. He was later seen at The River Bridge when Thomas and Rosie saved Daisy from falling off the bridge. He called for three cheers for Thomas, but a workman who had fallen into the river interrupted him, which caused the guard to call for a towel for the man. The workman is voiced by MrMPS.





Rodrigo is a lumberjack who works at The Lumberyard under Carlo Debris. When Kurt was teetering dangerously over the edge of a cliff and Hank and Henry came to his aid, Rodrigo called for help, as he was afraid Carlo was going to break his knees. Rodrigo later aided Moxie and the other lumberjacks in revolting against Carlo. A recurring joke with Rodrigo is that every time he appears, his beard is longer. Rodrigo is voiced by MrMPS.


Carlo Debris' Lumberjacks


Carlo's lumberjacks have appeared mutiple times throughout the series. They are voiced by:




Smash is an accomplished mechanic, driver, and pilot extraordinaire who is the owner of Brammo and the operator of Kurt. He has made many cameo appearances around the Lumberyard and the Crovan's Gate Works through Seasons 1 and 2. In Swashbuckler, he rode Brammo into the ensuing riot at Last Haven in attempt to quell the uprising and discern how Kurt became involved in the incident. He quickly became part of the brawl as the situation escalated.

Voice Actor: EnterprisingEngine93


He is also likely to appear in Brammo's Season 3 episode.

Sir Frederick Aura's Henchmen

Sir Frederick Aura, The Hitman, Mr. Mason, and Henchmen

Aura's Henchmen have appeared multiple times in the series, but they most likely will have major roles, along with their boss, in the second season finale of Enterprising Engines!


Voice Actors:

  • MrMPS
  • James Mason
  • SamTheThomasFan2

The Rail Workers


The workmen

Two workmen are seen frantically waving and warning Donald to stop due to unsafe buffers. Unfortunately, Donald ends up falling in the pit.


The workmen are voiced by:

The Scrap Thugs

The Scrap Thugs

The Scrap Thugs with Paul the Mechanic and Gregory Larson.

The Scrap Thugs are two employees of the Barry Island Scrapyard. They meet Paul the Mechanic and Gregory Larson at the gates, and are quite insistent upon the fact that there is nothing salvageable left.


They are voiced by:

  • carson08022000
  • WelshCoal

The Crosby Foreman

The Crosby Foreman informs Logan about James' accident and allows Logan to take some wagons to the Scrapyard. He is quite amused by the little shunter's determination.


The Crosby Foreman is voiced by WildNorWester.

The Mountain Workman

The Mountain Workman tells Culdee they should go to the bridge inspecton before Shane Dooiney returns from the Summit. He comments about Mr. Richards being missing all the time. Upon reaching the bridge, he disembarked to investigate a mangled rack rail. After asking Culdee to move forward, he can only watch in horror as Culdee falls from the mangled track and into the raging river below.

Upon Culdee's return, He reported it to Mr. Richards, also telling him of a last minute visit from The Fat Controller.


The Mountain Workman is voiced by MikeD57s.

The Loudspeaker Foreman

The Loudspeaker Foreman is in charge of the Crovan's Gate Mine. He often calls the other engines with his megaphone which annoys some of them, in particular Samson, but still he's very responsible and reliable to his duty.


Voice Actor:

  • halfbakedhex8

The Female Shunter

A ponytailed, female Shunter narrowly escapes a serious injury during Sir Handel's terrible crash. Later, she couples BoCo to his train and tells him he is ready to go. She works at Crovan's Gate Mine.


Voice Actor: Annie C.

Other Human Characters

The Harbour Master


The Harbour Master is in charge of the Harbour at Edward's Branch line. When Duck's fireman forgets his lunchbox, The Harbour Master tries to throw it to Duck's cab, making his driver and fireman to fall off.


The Firefighter

The Firefighter was a member of the fire brigade that extinguished the fire at The Ministry of Defense Complex and alerted the engines that BoCo, Arthur, and Sidney were safe. He later appeared helping to extinguish the fire at The Lumberyard after several lumberjacks had caused a riot. He is voiced by Jlouvier.


The Tree Hippie

The Tree Hippie was first seen when he had chained himself to a tree in a protest against Sodor Logging Co. trying to cut down a tree that he called "his brother", declaring the tree and him to be kin. The loggers replied that they liked trees too, but their boss was the most unpleasant person to work with, and they have a quota to keep up. When the Tree Hippie refused to give in, the workers declared that they would have to use force! 


The Railway Inspector


The Inspector

The Railway Inspector often comes to check on what is going on on Sodor and other British Railways nearby. One day, he came to inspect Derek, deeming him unfit for use. However, when a mainland diesel broke down by the Works, Derek got to prove himself worthy of working, and the Inspector was impressed indeed!


The Rock Stars

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 3.22.39 PM

The Rock Stars

The Rock Stars are two radical rocker chicks who were shredding it up in The Ministry of Defense Complex during the Munitions Incident. However, they didn't realize that they were standing right next to flaming materials, which exploded and knocked them out!


The Soldiers

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.26.36 AM

Several soldiers walking through the complex.

The Soldiers are men who served under General Zen and Captain Grant at The Ministry of Defense Complex during their stay on Sodor. Several died during the fire that was created by Sir Frederick Aura and Walter Richards, and it is unknown as to what happened to the survivors after the incident ended.


The Nurse


The Nurse being questioned.

The Nurse works at the Wellsworth Hospital. She was questioned by some Ministry of Defense soldiers as to General Zen's whereabouts. She replied that the general had never been admitted.

She is voiced by RosietheCutie1995.


The Peculiar Janitor

A Peculiar Janitor

The Peculiar Janitor was seen working at the Sodor Day celebration. He acts rather erratically, which causes The Thin Controller to tackle him out of paranoia. Unbeknownst to the Thin Controller however, the janitor's interference prevented The Hitman from killing him. Later on, he causes the Thin Controller to knock over a bubble barrel, which in turn causes Thomas to crash into Madame Pygolampida's tent. After Thomas returns and slips on the bubble liquid once again, he disappears in a sparkle of light, revealing himself to be Proteus orchestrating the events which transpired. 

He is voiced by MrOily516.


The Mountain Radio Operator

The Mountain Radio Operator sent out a message reporting Culdee's accident near Poll-ny-Chrink, and his discovery by Miss Jenny and The Pack. The operator also reported spottings of a dangling shepherd from the steel bridge, contacting the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre to address the situation. After a rescue attempt, he reports the Shepherd's fear to let go of both his staff and a strange box-like object.


The Saxophone Player

Samson, BoCo, and the Man in the Hills The Saxophone Player
The Saxophone Player is a man who plays music in silent places, in valleys and mountains in a similar fashion to Gregory Larson. He's seen adding more emphasis to the theme which plays when BoCo and Samson are about to crash into some rocks. He was also seen upon the rooftops serenading Daisy as she swaggered down the line.


The Constable


The Constable a policeman who works on Sodor. He commends Culdee for his rescue of the Shepherd, despite his initial hesitation to do so. He also calls the doctor to check over the stunned Shepherd.

He is voiced by Shortround551.


The Fashion Senseless Passenger

Sleeveless Passenger

The Fashion Senseless Passenger is a passenger who was going to catch Daisy's service to Ffarquhar from Tidmouth Town Square. Abhorring his fashion-less taste of no sleeves, Daisy leaves him in a huff, suggesting he invest in some sleeves and catch the 9 o'clock train.

He was also seen in the mob which confronted the Fat Controller regarding asbestos exposure on the railway. 

He is voiced by KidLego09.


The Grumpy Passengers

Grumpy passengers
The Grumpy Passengers are three individuals who expressed a strong disdain for the new wind turbines at Strawberry Grove. They complained that the windmills ruined the aesthetics of the area.

They are voiced by MrConductorFan1406, TheUnluckyTug and DaWilstanator


The Judge

The Judge is the judicial head of the Suddery Courthouse. He presided over the Fat Controller's trial for the supposed Asbestos outbreak on the railway.

He is voiced by GingerPercy.


The Balladrine Nudists

Balladrine Nudists
The Balladrine Nudists
inhabit a nudist colony near the village of Balladrine. When a half-painted James crashes while delivering plants for the colony's garden, the colonists find James' paintwork quite fitting. 

They are voiced by William Grubb, Annie Curtis, and EnterprisingEngine93