"Well, as much as I cannot stand the sight of you, and I abhor you in every possible way, without you, I'd only have everything else in the world to despise, which, somehow, leaves me prodigiously empty inside."
―Carlo Debris, Swashbuckler
Moxie Balderdash
Moxie Balderdash

Moxie Balderdash is a lumberjack who works under the rule of Carlo Debris.


Moxie is an enthusiastic new member of the Sodor Logging Company. Unfortunately, she has not yet learned the ropes of working under Carlo Debris, and when she went to compliment his falsetto, he shot her in the foot! She was furious at her employer, and later on, Moxie led a revolt against Carlo, riding on Kurt. However, she and Carlo professed their love to each other and became a couple, kissing and ending the riot. Even when the warehouse had caught fire, and everyone had been escorted out, she was still kissing the ruthless foreman.


Moxie is very enthusiastic, and enjoys being a lumberjack. She is a little bit sensetive, and took Carlo's rudeness very personally. So personally, in fact, she led a revolt against him! She is not afraid to seek revenge on those who offend her. She is also strangely madly in love with her employer despite his constant rudeness.