Nelson at High Tower

Nelson is a transporter that works for Miss Jenny Packard


Nelson works for the Sodor Construction Company. He has also worked with Isobella the Steam Lorry for Sodor Shipping and the construction of "High Tower Mark 2." 

A good friend of the Pack, Nelson was pleased to chat with Butch after not seeing him for some time. 

Nelson was cross with Mighty Mac for letting their feud get in the way of their work ethic. 

Inadvertantly causing a bit of mayhem, Nelson's horn startled some fumbling pigeon hunters to open fire at Ivo Hugh's firework's train, causing a spectacle in the sky. Nelson was very apologetic about the affair, but everyone knew it was not his fault. 

Nelson was recently spotted at the Lumberyard and the Transfer Yards.


Nelson is a frequent day-dreamer that longs to be carried as opposed to carrying things. He works very hard, although he enjoys being in transit as opposed to transporting. He makes a fine balance of the two in his life all the same. Nelson is able to articulate his feelings very well and is very conscientious and polite to all he meets.