"You bust me boombox, mon!"
―Neville, Logan Leaves his Mark
Neville in a place

Neville is a fumbling black tender engine with a good heart who takes passenger or freight trains along the Main Line.


Neville arrived on Sodor a few years ago to help doing odd jobs or with passengers. After working with the likes of 'Arry and Bert and Diesel, the other engines ridiculed him for being friends with the diesels. However, after Thomas saved Neville and got to know him better, Neville became friends with Thomas and the other engines.

Later Neville who was with Murdoch & Molly at the time, cheekily made fun of Emily for working with Whiff. When Neville was sent to collect stone from the Quarry, He told Thomas & Percy about The Brass Band coming to the Island.

To this day, Neville can be seen doing odd jobs and pulling passengers on the Main Line. He also takes goods to The Lumberyard. Neville is struggling to find out who he really is, something which will be explored in the third season.


Neville is kind, highly enthusiastic, gentlemanly and a little naive. He never holds a grudge but can be easily hurt if someone makes fun of him for how he looks. Despite everything he's bubbly and likes to help any engine out of trouble. During the time he met Logan, Neville spoke and sang in a Jamaican-reggae style, due to the identity crisis he has been facing of late.



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