Oliver careens over the edge
Oliver's Seaside Dive is a short clip made by EE93 made in the Cook Islands.


Oliver is running along the seaside with some coaches over a backdrop of beautiful, sparkling seawater. The next shot shows him on a pier line which leads to the sea which has no buffers at the end. Oliver runs off the edge and falls into the water and is taken to the beach by the waves. The shot after this shows him wheel-deep in wet sand near some pools of water.

The scene is proceeded by EE93 announcing he lied about not filming abroad. He says he may not be able to get a lot of footage, but he will get some nice screenshots.

He later commented that his Oliver was paint-chipped due to the salt water, and because of this he was going to get Oliver a "stunt engine" next time!



  • The clip was filmed on the Cook Islands.
  • Oliver's 2014 model is used, along with Stephen's Coaches.


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