"Well, this is nothing compared to some of the stunts Owen has pulled, so I guess I'll count my blessings."
―Wendy, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure

Owen is an incline traction engine.


Owen is an enthusiastic incline engine, based on a vertical traction boiler, housed at the top of the incline at the Blue Mountain Quarry. From high up above the quarry floor, he gamely takes great pride in his job and never tires in the overseeing of empty slate trucks up the incline, while sending loaded ones down, often announcing the transportation of cargo as he moves it between terraces. He likes to maintain steady, safe operation throughout the quarry and enjoys ensuring everything is running as it should. He is keen to help any engine about their work and make sure everyone is on track.



  • The fact that he was only mentioned is due to that a Wooden Railway model of him was never designed, but it is possible that he will appear if a model is sold or EE93 recently stated that he might make him out of LEGO, so Tardisrescue will most likely voice him.

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