"Well...nothing is concrete, expect for concrete. Because it's concrete!"
―Patrick, Culdee Fell
Patrick mixing it up
Patrick is a cement mixer who is a member of Miss Jenny Packard's construction crew.


Patrick was one of the first members of The Pack. Because of this, he felt extremely important and always has. He learned a lesson about belittling other engines or road vehicles after he landed in some cement. 

Patrick was seen working near the Skarloey Railway during the "Double Whammy" fiasco. He narrowly managed to avoid getting caught in the flames.

Patrick was later spotted working at The Ministry of Defense Complex under General Zen and his soldiers during the "Munitions" Incident. During the ensuing chaos, Patrick managed to escape unsinged, upset to have been in two incidents involving fire and explosions.

Patrick has recently been seen working at Tidmouth Lift Bridge, and has also helped work with the rest of The Pack with reconstructing Crovan's Gate Works' busted wall.

Patrick discovered Culdee after his fall from the bridge, quite anxious to hear his story! He was also present when Oliver found the Mysterious Lamp, to which he asks what the excavator will do with it.


Patrick is very boastful and arrogant. He thinks that cement makes him important. He is also easily annoyed, and some younger members of the Pack, such as Jack and Alfie, can get on his nerves. He is also easily annoyed by Max and Monty, as is just about everyone in The Pack.