"Gave me some swell battle scars though."
―Patrick, describing the incident which gained him an eyepatch, Culdee Fell
Patrick after his accident
Lord Harry/6/Patrick

Patrick, formerly named Lord Harry and briefly Number 6, is a purple mountain engine in service on the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway.


Lord Harry arrived on Sodor in 1962 when Culdee was away. He was troublesome and frightened his coaches by taking risks. After he came off at the Summit, Lord Harry was stripped of his name and sent to the back of the shed. After he heard the tale of Godred, he asked for a second chance, and was given one as a lowly shunting engine. However, when a message came warning that some climbers needed help during a gale, Number 6 came to the rescue and was fittingly renamed "Patrick" in honor of a climber who risked his life to help the others.

While Culdee was being repaired after a traumatic accident, Patrick got into a little incident of his own, carelessly crashing into some loose rocks. This resulted in him wearing an eye-patch and getting a few dents in his frame. After Culdee returned from his repairs, Patrick referred to the damage as his battle-scars.


When Lord Harry first came to the railway, he was rude and cocky, due to him being named after a lord. Culdee and the other engines noticed this and grew a dislike towards him. After being punished due to a disturbance he caused, and having his name taken away, he became sad and lonely, reconsidering himself. Then, once he was rewarded with a name again: "Patrick", his personality changed to be less selfish and rude, and even though he may have traces of his old persona inside him (Still being careless enough to crash into track blockage), he has become a much better and kinder engine.



  • Patrick is the third vehicular character to sport an eye patch, the others being Filibuster and the Scrap Engine.
  • Patrick's face couldn't be separated without damaging the rest of the model, so EE93 added an eyepatch so that he and Culdee could be told apart.