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Percy's Kafka Dream is the belated Halloween special of 2016.


Following a fiftul nights slumber, Percy awakes to find himself transformed into a giant caterpillar. Horrified by his metamorphsis, Percy unsuccesfully tries to orient himself with his new form while simultaneoulsy complaining about his workload. Contemplating from afar, James and Gordon propose squishing him while Carlo Debris arrives with his lumberjacks and a vast array of weaponry to adress the situation.

In context, the whole situation is proven to be Thomas' attempt to tell Toby and Percy a scary ghost story. Despite his assertion that Percy is afraid of everything, Thomas himself is subsuquently spooked upon Gator's appearance admist the thick fog moments later. 



  • The feature is based on the short story Metamorphsis by Franz Kafka. 
  • Originailly slated to be released on Halloween 2016, production delays pushed the feature's release to June 17, 2017.


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