Pigeon Hunting
Dex and Winslow
"A misfire for sure!"

"More like seven!"

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Date Aired June 10th, 2012
Previous Episode Two Hearts Burn Together
Next Episode Serendipity

Pigeon Hunting is the fifth episode of the second season.


Summer has arrived on the Island, and the Skarloey Railway is busier than ever. Unfortunately, pigeon hunters have arrived too and begin shooting the poor birds. Mighty Mac has a run-in with the hunters first, one of whom accidentally shoots the windows of the coaches, startling the passengers. The Thin Controller is furious, and calls upon Rusty the Little Diesel to help put up "No Hunting" signs along the railway. Later, Ivo Hugh is sent to the Yard where he tries to lift the spirits of a depressed Spitzer the Crane. He leaves with his load of fireworks with Spitzer quite convinced the little engine cannot cheer him up.

Another pair of pigeon hunters are furious with the new regulations, and as an act of defiance they shoot at another flock by the river, where they have a near miss with Nelson. However, they also shoot Ivo Hugh's train of fireworks, sending them launching into the air. Spitzer believes this act of kindness was made for him, and regards Ivo Hugh as a close friend. The troublesome pigeon hunters, thankfully, are arrested for their crimes. 





Enterprising Engines Pigeon Hunting06:13

Enterprising Engines Pigeon Hunting

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