Poll-ny-Chrink is a thousand foot-wide lake located on Culdee Fell. It is between the Culdee Fell Railway stations Shiloh and Skarloey Road. A wildlife sanctuary is located here.


Culdee once had an accident on the bridge when the rack rail was mangled, leading him to fall down a cliff and into a churning rapids. After his ordeal, he was discovered by the Pack on the shore of the lake.

The Shepherd later wandered unto the bridge, seeking shelter from those pursuing him. After an electrical jolt from the lamp created a Man in the Hills carving in the cliffs above the bridge, the Shepherd fell off the bridge from the ensuing power surges. Until his rescue, he held onto the bridge via his crook, while simultaneously clinging to a strange headlamp. The bridge collapsed shortly after he was rescued by Culdee and Catherine.

After the Shepherd's rescue, Oliver of the pack discovered Proteus' lamp when digging near the site of Culdee's recovery.