Porter is a kind, useful tank engine who works at Brendam Docks with his good friend, Salty.


Porter was purchased by the North Western Railway to work alongside Salty at the docks. At first, Salty thought Porter had come to replace him, but in the end, Salty was repaired and the two now work brawly together. 

When Harvey was the brunt of Bill and Ben's teasing, Porter helped him see the advantages of being a crane and an engine. 

Porter was very amused to see James' blunder while the Flying Kipper was being loaded!


Porter is hardworking, thoughtful, and self-assured. He does not let the little things bother him, and his laid back attitude makes him very popular with the other engines. This is not to say he does not work hard! He is a determined worker and a bit of a perfectionist, so he can become a bit flustered when things are not done in his way!


He is very likely to appear later in the third season. He may appear in the season two finale.