Pummeling Percy
Percy getting rescued
"Where's the Percy we used to know? I swear, if I were under me own power, I'd pummel the wee engine and knock some sense into him!"
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Date Aired September 14th 2012
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Pummeling Percy is the fifteenth episode of the second season.


Percy the Small Engine is once again feeling put upon. He spends many long hours in the freight yard with the annoying Troublesome Trucks shunting and hauling them along the line. One particular day, Fred Pelhay and the other trucks decide to tease Percy about his appearance, saying that he looks like an ugly green caterpillar with red stripes, and that they should be his "image consultants". Percy has had enough and takes the trucks to a work site, where he took his anger out on Doc, Donald and Douglas.

The next morning, Percy is resting along the Main Line with Henry and Arthur. They are trying to consult him, but Percy refuses to listen, and only gets more cross. When the Flying Scotsman arrives, he thinks that they were being mean to Percy, and not vice-versa! He orders Henry to let Percy rest, leaving the little engine rather conceited and returns to the Yard where he takes charge of the trucks in a puffed up style that drives the trucks crazy. They then pummel down the line at an enormous speed and crash through into an old freight shed!

Toby comes to rescue Percy, but the Flying Scotsman, now seeing the truth of the situation, reminds Percy of the effect karma can have on an engine!



  • This is the first episode where Fred is referenced by his name. However, many of his models were seen in other episodes as generic freight cars.