Red Knight new face
Red Knight

Red Knight is a red tank engine who works for the Ministry of Defense.


His history is currently unknown, but he works at the Ministry of Defense, and is known as the "Ministry of Defense Engine". 

Currently, he, along with Lola Lovefray, are investigating a landslide that may have been caused intentionally, trying to figure who did it. 


His persona is currently unknown, as he has not yet spoken in the series proper. His introduction video however, reveals that he is unsure about why he was built, and that he feels like an unwelcome spy working towards a means to an end, despite him wanting to be friends with the other engines. He is also very well-read, but doesn't always understand some of the works he reads. 



  • Red Knight and the character which was intended to appear in The Railway Series [1] are different engines. The latter was "beetle-like", narrow gauge, and never seen. "Red Knight" is said to have been recently built for a special purpose, and standard gauge.
  • Red Knight was made using the "My Custom Engine" feature on the Thomas Wooden Railway website. Originally, he had the face standard to the "Friendly Steamie" model, which was eventually replaced with a modified new style Rheneas face.