Red Knight, Daisy, and Captain Lola Lovefray
Red Knight - Meet the Characters! is a promotional "Meet the Characters" segment highlighting the character of Red Knight.


At Ffarquhar, Red Knight introduces himself as the new Ministry of Defense engine. He explains the origin of his name, and then mentions how he has memorized each page of the files the Ministry keeps of all the engines on Sodor. This makes him feel like some sort of spy, but he then reveals that in truth he usually does not know what he is supposed to feel like, and wonders what his true purpose is to be - if not to gain the trust of the engines and nothing more? He then goes on to recite a poem he had memorized by F.L. Lucas about the Red Knights.

He longs to become true friends with these engines, but he tells the audience that he is starting to see how the Ministry's true purpose on Sodor is shrouded in darkness and secrecy.



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