Reg is a scrap yard crane who works at Crock's Scrap Yard.


Reg a broad gauge crane and works at the scrap yard on Edward's Branch line. Diesel once hid in his scrapyard to play a trick on Paxton.

In This Too Shall Pass, Reg was a witness to Douglas' rant against Bill and Ben.

Before Logan brought James' delivery to Crock's Scrap yard, Reg was being forced to listen to Neville's regae music, before eventually crushing the boombox, much to Neville's dismay!

When Logan arrived, Reg greeted him warmly, and was very impressed with Logan's work ethic.


Reg has a tendency to be sarcastic and loves to crack a joke. He is very confident about who he is and what he does even though he sometimes makes remarks that sound self-deprecating. Sometimes he’ll give direct advice and other times he’ll just withdraw, saying, ‘What would I know about it? I ain't nothing but a scrap yard crane.’ But Reg knows a thing or two. He’s seen engines come and go and he knows where they end up if they aren't careful! Reg doesn't mind working with stuff that other people throw away and can see the good in things that have been neglected. He would probably never say it about himself, but Reg is a bit of a diamond in the rough.


He may appear in the second season finale.