Rex Bert Mike Frank !
Rex, Bert, Mike and Frank - Meet the Characters! is a promotional "Meet the Characters!" segment highlighting Mike, Frank, Rex and Bert.


A storm is coming, and the Arlesdale Railway engines are being closed up in the workshop for the season. Mike arrives and is, as usual, complaining about sharing the shed with the other engines, particularly the next to arrive - Frank, who comes crashing into some buffers. Mike then proceeds to make an 80's joke, to which Rex is not amused by. He comes in just in time to stop Mike from saying something viewers will regret hearing, although the little red Arlesdale engine is not too pleased about his arrival, deeming him "the only engine worse than Frank to share a shed with", but he then tells a fuming Frank that their relationship is more of a "friendly rivalry".

As Frank and Mike continue their constant banter, Bert rolls in to hear Mike calling him a "grade A imbecile". Bert then points out that an A is the highest mark one can achieve, so he could be considered a genius, on Mike's standards at least.

After the credits, Bert points out how he is a genius, and has a diploma on his wall to prove it. The Small Controller then comes in to point out that it is his diploma.


An "unpaid intern" speaks. He is voiced by Oliver Duck.


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