Rickety is a teal troublesome truck who commonly transports ballast.


Rickety was one of the many trucks to be teasing Oliver alongside Fred Pelhay and S.C. Ruffey after he returned from the Works after falling down the turntable well. However, after Oliver pulled their leader clean in half, the trucks learned to respect the Great Western Engine! Since then, Rickety has gone to work many places along the railway, but most often carries ballast near the Small Railway and Little Western.

Rickety assisted his fellow trucks in talking down Dodge when he bumped them, but Rickety's two cents on the situation wasn't the usual derogatory talk the others are used to, and Rickety's friends were rather aghast!


Rickety is a tricky truck, never hesitant to bump an engine down a hill, or a turntable well, but he has been shown to be very honest and not quite as rude as his companions.


Rickety has cameoed many times throughout the series as a generic freight car. This is a list of the times he has appeared as himself specifically.