"Is there really a need for firearms, gents?"
―Patriot, Grim Messengers of Doom
Mr. Ricky Mason

Mr. Ricky Mason is one of Sir Frederick Aura's most trusted employees and a shady hired gun.


Ricky Mason first appeared in the episode Snow Blind. He attended the 'meeting' between the Lumberjacks and Aura's goons, and managed to intimidate the Logging Company into continuing its weapon smuggling agreement for Aura.

Later, in the episode Paxton and Norman, he was seen with Walter Richards, near Crovan's Gate.

In the episode Grim Messengers of Doom, after Patriot entered the scrapyard, he was greeted by 'Arry and Bert. Ricky and Walter distracted Patriot's driver and fireman before shooting them to death.

Ricky Mason has since appeared near Norman during the episode Waterworks.

Ricky reappeared in Aura of Menace with Richards. The two sabotaged D261 and D199's train before heading back to Sir Frederick Aura. He and Richards were later seen menacing some workers outside Walter Sliggs's refinery at the Mine Junction.


Not much is known about Ricky, but it is known that he, like Sir Frederick Aura, enjoys scrapping engines. He also enjoys wanton destruction and killing, as shown when he threatened Patriot's driver and fireman before having them shot and killed.


  • Ricky has had a different outfit in each one of his major appearances.