Rising to the Occasion
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Date Aired December 14th, 2011
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Rising to the Occasion is the fourteenth episode of the first season.


Donald, Duck, and Oliver are working on the Little Western. After encountering a twisted rail Donald derails, plowing into a support which topples a bridge running over the line. Shortly thereafter, Frank topples off after an attempt to cross it.

After the accident is cleared, The Fat Controller informs Duck and Oliver that no other engines can be spared to handle the goods work. The two engines agree to pick up the slack, covering the extra goods work without hesistation.

Later, Oliver is taking a train when he is informed that Duck has broken down. Knowing he'll be late anyways, Oliver goes to rescue his good friend who was suffering from a broken side rod. The two make it back to the yard, and a guilty Duck apoligizes to Oliver for delaying his schedule. Oliver replies that he was helping a friend in need, and that he only ended up being fashionably late. As Oliver departs, Duck observes that Oliver had indeed, as a really useful engine, risen to the occassion.


A Workman also speaks, and Brammo's faceless model makes a cameo.


  • This episode is possibly going to be remastered, due to the amount of sunlight in some scenes.



Enterprising Engines Rising to the Occasion

Enterprising Engines Rising to the Occasion