Hey it's Rocky the Crane

"Looks like I'll have to sort this out!"
―Rocky, Marion Saves the Day

Rocky is a large mobile crane that can lift heavy objects.


When Rocky first arrived on Sodor, he was ruled out as "strange" and "awkward" because of his peculiar looks and system. He was ostracized for his lack of engine and need for another engine to move him to other places along the line. In particular, Edward, who is usually kind and considerate, took Gordon too seriously when they were making fun of Rocky unfairly. However, when some pipes were let loose on the track blocking Gordon's Express, Edward soon found out how useful Rocky truly was, and they have been firm friends since.

Rocky is also currently being used by the The Little Western Extension lifting heavy materials onto the bridge with Oliver, Duck and Scruff.

Young Tucker brought Rocky to the scene when Molly fell into the sea.

Rocky lifted Peter Sam out of Murk-Stone Lake, and later lifted Derek to safety after his accident.

He accompanied Derek and Culdee to Kirk Machan, where he unloaded the latter following his visit to Crovan's Gate Works.


Rocky is cool, collected and kind to other engines, particularly those in need of assistance.