Roz Hatchet
Rosamund "Roz" Hatchet

Rosamund "Roz" Hatchet is a lumberjack who works under Carlo Debris.


Rosamund Hatchet, affectionately known as "Roz," is one of Carlo Debris' lumberjacks.

In "Snow Blind," she, Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, and a few other lumberjacks met with Ricky Mason, 'Arry, Bert, and Walter Richards. They gave Ricky Mason some firearms for Aura. She shortly left with the three diesels.

She was one of the lumberjacks involved in the uprising against Debris during the events of "Swashbuckler."


Roz is willing to carry out her commands, and frequently makes errands for Debris. She can, however, tend to be angry at times, and always carries her signature hatchet with her.



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