"I find track work much more interesting. The line seems safe and sound. I just hope there's no more inconsiderate ruffians to riddle my rails with bullets."
―Rusty after finishing placing "No Hunting" signs, Pigeon Hunting

Rusty is a brave little diesel engine who works on the Skarloey Railway. He specializes in track maintenance.


Rusty came to Sodor to help out in Rheneas and Skarloey's absence. He quickly became an invaluable member of the team, being uncanny in terms of track repair and Quarry work. Rusty has had a variety of accomplishments and adventures, such as saving Duncan from a collapsing bridge and repairing the Lake Line from closure with the help of Skarloey, Rheneas, and Elizabeth. He also out-manuevered a massive boulder that threatened to flatten every little engine in the valley. 

Rusty was originally going to aid in the extraction process of the second gunpowder warehouse, but was swiftly brushed aside from the prospect by the anxiousness of Duncan. Following the "Cannon Fodder" Incident, Rusty is the only engine permitted to take part in gunpowder extraction. Prior to the "Munitions Incident", Rusty delivered the hazardous materials to the loading area and held his own against a very hostile Diesel. 

Rusty crashed into the support of a rickety steel bridge in the town, and was rescued by the combined efforts of Skarloey and Rosie.

Duncan is consistently rude to Rusty, so by this point, the little diesel does not mind teasing him! 

Rusty was responsible for delivering gunpowder collected at an abandoned D. Fusit Warehouse to the Ministry of Defense's Complex for disposal. 

One day, Rusty was working at the Blue Mountain Quarry, but was too excited over his new 2-toned horn to work. When no one would pay any attention to him, he got annoyed, taking his anger out on Duke!

Rusty was sent to the Crovan's Gate Works to deliver some machinery following the Blunderbuss incident. Upon arrival, he blows his horn, causing Vegard to misfire which in turn surprises Duke and causes him to crash into the back wall of the Works.

During Sir Robert Norramby's search to find King Orry's sword, Rusty's 2-toned horn began to annoy Fearless Freddie due to how often it was used. He offered to takeover Luke's shunting duties with Wendy, though he started to regret his choice after hearing her endless talking. He was also a witness to Millie's incident with Wendy, and was later told of Rheneas' suspicions about Norramby's search by Skarloey.

During the Skarloey Railway's production of Hamlet, Rusty did a poor job during the auditions, and apologized, saying he's "not much of an actor." Bertram suggested that he and Mr. Hugh work on the special effects of the production, where the little diesel did a spectacular job. He also made the opening announcement of the production.

He has recently been stationed at Crovan's Gate Mine, where he has witnessed Samson's constant blunders. Through all this though, he encouraged the proud engine to work his way up and prove capable of handling bigger jobs.


Rusty is hardworking, kind, and takes a great of pride in his work. He gets along well with all the engines on the Narrow Gauge Line, (with the occasional exception of Duncan) and always strives to do his best and be there for any engine in peril. He is a bit of perfectionist, but this only improves the quality of his work. He is very focused, almost always completing whatever it is he sets out to do. 

Rusty's closest friends are Rheneas, Skarloey, and Peter Sam