"Salty, hear me out. You're not a pirate captain. Just leave me alone!"
―Cranky's haiku about Salty, Aura of Menace

Salty is a red dockyard diesel that loves to tell tales of the sea. He currently resides at Brendam Docks with Porter


Salty originally came to Sodor to help Bill and Ben at the Quarry. However, his prowess with the trucks was indeed worth noting, and the Fat Controller sent him to Brendam Docks to work. Salty was overjoyed, and made himself well at home. 

The other engines frequently comment on the strangeness of Salty's pirate dialect. Rosie even goes as far as to have suspicions that Salty actually believes he is a pirate, judging him rather suspiciously for it.

Salty kept Bill and Ben occupied by telling them a story when Murdoch was under a lot of stress. To this day, Murdoch sees Salty as one of his closest friends. 

Salty told Bill and Ben to give BoCo his agenda during the Swan Dive event.

During the events of Aura of Menace, he tried to entertain Cranky with a sea cucumber limerick, only for Cranky to unleash a haiku about Salty leaving him alone, but to no avail. He later greeted the Flying Scotsman when the latter arrived at the docks.


Salty is cheerful, enthusiastic, and loves to tell stories. He'll kindly share a tale of a sea-faring vessel or a lonely lighthouse or anything that comes to mind with any engine that ventures to Brendam. Bill and Ben have grown fond of him and he seems to be able to keep them in order much like Edward can. His whimsical ways and cheerfulness may make the other engines not take him too seriously, but he certainly demands respect! 


He may appear in Season 3.