"When it comes to such vanity, no one gets away scot-free!"
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Date Aired June 30th, 2012; May 11, 2014 (remastered)
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Scot-free is the seventh episode of the second season.


When Murdoch is insulted by Gordon for being "only" a goods engine, he finds some unexpected assistance from Brendam's notorious tank engine twins to devise some payback. When a Very Important Visitor arrives, Murdoch stages a brilliant (and incredibly uncharacteristic!) prank to teach Gordon a lesson! 


Gordon the big blue express engine is in high spirits, certain that The Fat Controller would be commending him for his (in his mind) outstanding work and would receive a special reward. One rainy evening, Murdoch, Douglas, Percy, Arthur, and James are idling in the Freight Yard listening to Gordon boast, which is most unpleasant. The others comment that Murdoch could easily take the Express as well, which Gordon considers absurd.

The next morning, Murdoch is at Brendam Docks when he meets Bill and Ben, who are quick to annoy the living daylights out of the big engine, but luckily, he is saved by Salty. Later, Bill and Ben overhear The Fat Controller talking about the Flying Scotsman's arrival to the Island as a surprise for Gordon. They later tell Murdoch, and he devises a plan to pay Gordon out using this to his advantage.

The next day, Murdoch complains that he doesn't feel well, and because he never complains, his driver calls to make other arrangements. Gordon is the only engine available, so the proud blue tender engines has to take the Goods Run, while Murdoch enjoys the arrival of Flying Scotsman, who is taken quite by surprise at his brother's new life as a Goods Engine!




  • Dex and Winslow are seen at Crovan's Gate when The Flying Scotsman is arriving, but they can be spotted on the crowd moments earlier.