"I think I swallowed a rock!"
―Scott Wallis, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure
Scott Wallis

Scott Wallis is Foreman Okamoto's right-hand man at The Blue Mountain Quarry.


Scott had been a fan of trains every since he was very young, and his dream was to work on the fabled Island of Sodor. Eventually, Scott's family moved to Sodor, and he was enrolled in school there, constantly being mystified by the engines. After graduating college, Scott couldn't seem to find a long-term job. He worked a short stint for Carlo Debris at The Lumberyard, being fired after his first week when he accidentally threw a hatchet through the foreman's office window. He even tried working as a signalman, but constantly fell asleep, which resulted in him getting fired as well. 

Eventually, Scott came to the Skarloey Railway to look for work. He was given a job at The Blue Mountain Quarry by The Thin Controller.  

As a dynamite miner, Scott was just beginning to learn about how hazardous dynamite is in Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure as it was still early in his career at the quarry. He was seen working out on the blasting field before realizing that his dynamite was about to blow, running from the area. After some dynamite was set off later on it caused some rock to fall, and Scott was heard saying that he thought he swallowed a rock.

Eventually, however, Scott worked his way up the chain and grew to be Foreman Okamoto's right-hand man, learning much about dynamite and the ways of the quarry.

Scott was at the quarry in Swashbuckler with Foreman Okamoto when Bertram began quoting a spoken word poem. Scott was very annoyed and stated that he would be going home to avoid Bertram.

Scott currently works happily at the quarry, happily socializing with the engines and staff there when not working hard!


Scott is a friendly, hard-working sort. He is lovable and helpful but sometimes he pops in at the wrong time. He acts as Foreman Okamoto's right-hand man, and helps to calm him down when the foreman overreacts or goes crazy over something. He is very serious about the careful handling of dynamite out in the field and does not tolerate nonsense. He holds a deep respect for the foreman and The Thin Controller. 

Sir Handel doesn't like Scott, and the feeling is mutual. The two often have long, drawn-out shouting matches. Duncan also quarrels with Scott quite often.


He will have an episode of his own cowritten by EE93 and MrMPS2002 in Season 3.


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