Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Title screen prophecy
Some attributes
Date Aired July 26, 2014 (first trailer), November 26, 2014 (second trailer), sometime late 2017 (full movie)
Previous Episode Swashbuckler
Next Episode TBA

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is the upcoming twenty-sixth episode and the finale of the second season.


At Brendam Docks, Winston and The Fat Controller inform Salty of a meeting with all the diesels at Knapford Yards.


Millie, Marion, and Timothy are very likely to appear.


  • EnterprisingEngine93 has stated that this episode will be the longest episode to date of Enterprising Engines!, as it will reach feature length.
  • Much like with Swashbuckler and Culdee Fell, this episode will be available in both "chapters", and as one video.


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