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Date Aired June 22th, 2012
Previous Episode Pigeon Hunting
Next Episode Scot-free

Serendipity is the sixth episode of the second season.


Isobella the Steam Lorry is sent to deliver a new shipment of supplies as part of a new contract with the Sodor Shipping Co., but she becomes distracted when Max and Monty begin mimicking her about the pride she takes in her appearence. She talks to her close friend, Kelly, hoping that the reckless dump-truck brothers will be payed out, but Kelly tells her that revenge is not worth seeking. Isobella considers this rubbish, and leaves.

However, Max and Monty have troubles of their own when Monty collides into the stone that Max carelessly dumped on the road! The brothers certainly seem to have recieved their comuppance now!

Elsewhere, by the Skarloey Railway, Isobella is rolling huffily over the Level Crossing when Peter Sam crashes into her flatbed due to his failing brakes! Isobella crossly returns back to the Pack "empty-trailered." When she arrives back, she sees Max and Monty in distress, with Miss Jenny telling them that Max must do Monty's work as well as his own because Isobella failed to deliver the spare parts. In the end, it was Isobella who was the cause of their comeuppance, which Kelly happily refers to as "serendipity."




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