"(Moans) I was named after a mountain and i'm afraid of mountains ever since they sent me to Switzerland, bitter irony always makes me so emotional...(breaks into tears) singe tear once a year."
―Shane Dooiney, Culdee Fell
Shane Dooiney

Shane Dooiney, better known by his shortened name of Shane, is a purple mountain engine with the number 5 who works on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Shane and Culdee were sent to Switzerland together in the 1960s for an overhaul, and Shane arrived back on the railway after Culdee did. It is said that after he returned from Switzerland he was never the same. Due to the alarm, concern, and general aggravation brought upon the other engines by his new state, the engines were repaired at Crovan's Gate Works ever since. 

He was seen climbing the summit during the paranormal events on the Mountain Railway in "Logan Leaves his Mark".

Because of his extreme paranoia, Shane spends most of his time in his shed, weeping and moaning.


He suffers from extreme bouts of paranoia and often makes himself believe he has symptoms of almost any given ailment or condition. To make matters worse, he is also emotionally unstable, and prone to weeping uncontrollably without warning. 



  • In Logan Leaves his Mark, Shane had appeared as Culdee's old model, not modified at all. However, in future appearances he appears with a custom nameplate and number.
  • Shane is named from another Sudrian mountain south of Culdee Fell.
  • Shane is one of the two custom Culdee Fell Railway engines not to have any changes at all made to his face, the other being Wilfred.