"The whole operation isn't gonna just stop because the Earl of Sodor likes to pretend he's a knight!"
―Foreman Okamoto, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure
Sir Robert Norramby
Sir Robert Norramby

Sir Robert Norramby is the exuberant, but often over-enthusiastic, Earl of Sodor. He resides in the recently restored Ulfstead Castle. 


Sir Robert Norramby spent a long time away from Sodor and has made a triumphant return. He currently resides at Ulfstead Castle, which has its own running railway line, It is run by Millie, his trusted private engine. Thanks to his efforts, Ulfstead Castle has been restored and open to the public. The Castle showcases a great deal of medieval treasures he has collected over the years, a prospect that always strikes his fancy! 

Sir Robert Norramby agreed for Millie and Luke to switch jobs one day.

Long ago, he befriended an old engine named Stephen. Years later, he had Stephen repaired to work as a guide to vistors at Ulfstead Castle. 

Sir Robert Norramby and Millie came to The Blue Mountain Quarry to search for King Orry's lost sword. His horse, Humphrey, constantly startled the other engines during their stay there. Skarloey, Rheneas, and Rusty became suspicious of him.

Later, he and Scruff planned out an excursion to Ulfstead Castle for Flying Scotsman and Gordon, who was delighted by the idea!

He currently has plans involving an engine on Barry Island, an engine unknown to the locals there, and has enlisted Gregory Larson and Paul the Mechanic to assist in the endeavor.


Sir Robery Norramby is jolly, gregarious, and enthusiastic. He is enthralled by knights in shining armor and enjoys a good laugh, particularly when it comes to his engines! However, he often doesn't realize what he's doing. He gets too excited by exploration and medieval wonder.