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The Skarloey Railway is a narrow gauge railway that runs from Crovan's Gate to Ulfstead Castle via the Blue Mountain Quarry. A small line heads south to The Wharf. The controller is Mr. Roger Sam, and the foreman is Mr. Hugh.


Previously, a gravity-powered plate way ran from Ward Fell to Balladwail.

The Skarloey Railway opened in 1865, with two locomotives; Skarloey and Rheneas, four coaches, and one brake coach. The line was built to bring passengers to the springs at Skarloey. Tourism dropped after signs of the copper supply dwindling; however, slate was found nearby. After World War II, the mines became ammunition dumps, and traffic dropped. However, it rose again after the discovery of the Book of Sir Harold at Ulfstead, revealing his sanctuary was at Skarloey.

In 1965, a loop around Skarloey Lake was opened to celebrate the centenary of the railway.


The line starts at the Wharf to Crovan's Gate. The line heads northwest from Crovan's Gate, to Cros-ny-Cuirn, Glennock, and Rheneas before terminating at Skarloey. The new loop has a station at Lakeside. The line continues west to the Blue Mountain Quarry. It crosses the North Western Railway's Peel Godred Branch Line near Kirk Machan, and terminates near Ulfstead Castle.