Skiff and Sailor John

Skiff is a railboat that can travel by sea or rail. He was originally owned by Sailor John, but now gives Railboat Tours around Arlesburgh Harbour with his new captain, Joe.


Skiff is a small boat with railway chassis added for moving on the rails. It's unknown if the wheels are removable when he's on the water.

Before, he was frequently used and owned by Sailor John. acting as the man's main means of transport as Sailor John looked for a legendary treasure. When they finally had a lead, Sailor John equipped Skiff with his now signature railway chassis and began to roam the still under construction Harwick Branch Line to look for the treasure. Both met and befriended Thomas, who had been sent to work there in disgrace. Skiff struck up a friendship with the blue engine, but was unnerved to see Sailor John become more and more desperate to find the treasure. This reached its climax when Sailor John attempted to steal the treasure for himself, resulting a chase with Thomas that ultimately reached the sea. Throughout this, Skiff voiced his disproval at what was going on, and encourage Thomas to derail him in order to stop Sailor John. Thankfully, when all seemed lost, a combination of rough seas and the heavy treasure chest enabled Skiff to capsize himself, resulting in Sailor John losing the treasure and being arrested by the police. Skiff would later earn a place on the island as a rail boat tour attraction. He's considered by Walter Sliggs as a 'yacht'.

In EE93's series, Skiff is portrayed in his 'railboat tours' livery.


He will appear in Season 3.