SodorsNWRsteam, otherwise known as George Oakes, is a voice actor in Enterprising Engines.

SodorsNWRsteam joined YouTube with his current account in 2012, and has since been making adaptations of Railway Series/Thomas the Tank Engine-themed stories. He regularly collaborates with other users both in writing voice acting, namely Tardisrescue, TheScotsmanReturns, Skarlouie and NWRWS01.


Notable Work

The following is a list of notable videos by YouTuber SodorsNWRsteam;

The NWR Stories:

  • "Faulty Points and Fire Services" (2013)
  • "Braking Point" (2013)
  • "Bad Driving" (2013)
  • "Percy's Christmas" (2014)
  • "Picture Perfect" (2015)
  • "Jingle Fells" (2015)

Railway Series/Televsion Series Adaptations:

  • Down the Mine (2012)
  • Thomas and the Swan (2013)
  • Bulls-Eyes (2014)


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