Spencer and his silver steam

Spencer is a snooty silver A4 tender engine from the Mainland. He is Gordon and the Flying Scotsman's cousin and Mallard's brother.


Spencer was brought to Sodor to shuttle the Duke and Duchess of Boxford around Sodor. He ran out of coal and water despite Gordon's warnings. On his next visits, he lost a race to Edward, developed a rivalry with Thomas, and attempted to stop Thomas from restoring Hiro. He remained on Sodor for some time afterwards and helped Thomas with deliveries to the summer house, teased James for being pink, had a repaint at Crovan's Gate Works, and got covered in snow, thanks to Gordon. On a later visit, he showed Stafford around Sodor.

The Fat Controller later decided that he would speak to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford about having Spencer be featured as a replacement for the scrapped Patriot for the grand opening of the Little Western Extension.


Spencer is a vain and proud engine, considering any engines below his class to be silly and useless. He hates losing at things, and takes pride in being fast and sleek. Spencer is very impatient, and often expresses his feelings of superiorty to the other engines.

Spencer is becoming more and more haughty and arrogant as the Duke and Duchess are more than happy to loan Spencer to the Fat Controller for important tasks.

Spencer was used as Sir Robert Norramby's private engine on one of his visits to Sodor.


Spencer will appear in an episode relating to the rivalry between him and Gordon.