Spitzer is a crane that loves watching the sky and the stars. 


Spitzer is a crane that be taken apart and built in several places, which means he never really had a home. He's worked in various yards on the Skarloey Railway, Sodor Ironworks, and currently resides at Ember Gorge. He does not enjoy the company of 'Arry and Bert, who constantly harassed the poor crane, who was already heartbroken that the warehouse where he worked had no view of the sky and stars at all. 

Spitzer has a tendency to want to be noticed and appreciated, which led to several disputes with Arry and Bert.

When Spitzer was transfered to Ember Gorge, he was very rude to the Skarloey Railway Engines, especially young Ivo Hugh. Ivo Hugh, being a bit innocent and kind-hearted, really wanted to make the sullen crane happy, but had no idea how to do so. Inadvertantly, some irresponsible pigeon hunters fired upon Ivo Hugh's fireworks train, causing the sky to be light up in a spectacle of coloful flares. Spitzer, to this day, believes Ivo Hugh orchestrated this on purpose to cheer him up, and has held him in high regard ever since! 


Spitzer is discourteous, unrelenting, and unpleasant. He is incredibly rude and insults everyone around him. Due to his nomadic lifetsyle, he never feels at home anywhere and takes his confusion out at everyone who tries to speak with him (or ignore him for that matter.) He does have a sensitive side that's worth noting, and that is that Spitzer loves the sky. The clouds, stars, constellations, they have remarkable way of granting him a profound sense of awe and happiness. If Spitzer has one friend, it's young Ivo Hugh, and he thinks very fondly of the kind engine who he believes lit up a fireworks display just for him!



  • Some of the salvaged parts of Goliath's crane were used to repair and improve Spitzer.