"Get this roustabout out of my sight!"
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Date Aired April 14, 2012
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Splatter is the third episode of the first season.


Splatter and Dodge are completing their trial on the Island of Sodor. If all goes well, The Fat Controller will accept them to the fleet. but they are troublesome, and known to cause mischief. Gordon tells them to work hard but the diesels didn't pay attention to him.

When Thomas arrives, he sees Gordon resting, and he and Gordon decide to form a plan to get back at the 2 troublesome diesels. Splatter is shunting the express coaches and he breaks down near the platform. The stationmaster tells Thomas to take the coaches to the platform, and he brings the coaches and Splatter to the platform, where Gordon is coupled up to them. Gordon rushes away, with Splatter still coupled to the train.



  • Parts of this episode are based on the TV Series episode, Thomas and Gordon.
  • References to aforementioned episode, as well as Down the Mine are made by Thomas and Gordon.
  • The original episode was filmed indoors, and was the last one to do so.
  • A remastered version of this episode will be made.


  • In the close-up of Splatter when he is being pulled along the line by Gordon and the express, the camera glitches.



Enterprising Engines Splatter

Enterprising Engines Splatter