Splatter and Dodge
Splatter and Dodge

"Shut it, you idiots! This moment won't be spoiled by the likes of you!"
―Diesel 10 scolding Splatter and Dodge, Rock-Star

Splatter and Dodge, also known collectively by Diesel 10 as Splodge, are two fumbling BR Class 08 diesel shunters who are owned by Sodor Logging Co.


When Splatter and Dodge came to Sodor, things did not fare well for them. In some respects, they "hung out with the wrong crowd", particularly the ruthless and violent Diesel 10. After Diesel 10 was exiled to the Sodor Lumberyard under Carlo Debris, The Fat Controller decided to give the lackadasical pair a second chance. On their trial run, they caused a great deal of confusion. Splatter was rude, and eventually hauled away at the end of the Express by mistake, the high speed damaging his axles, and Dodge destroyed a water tower on Thomas' branch line. Seeing them as troublesome, the Fat Controller signed them away to Sodor Logging Co., though occasionally he calls upon them for odd jobs. 

Splatter and Dodge were not pleased, due to Diesel 10's presence there, and they had no choice but to resume their role as his "sidekicks" and perhaps his only friends. 

Splatter and Dodge and Diesel 10 took some lumberjacks from the Logging Co. to a secret meeting with Ricky Mason, Walter Richards, 'Arry and Bert.

When Diesel 10 was released from the Lumberyard to help The Flying Scotsman clear the line, the two diesels were excited that the steam engines needed a diesel's help. However, their chatter annoyed Diesel 10, and the maniacal warship diesel shut them up before leaving.

Splatter and Dodge were sent to shunt cars at the defense complex during the Munitions Incident, and were forced to flee a burning refinery. 

Splatter and Dodge have since returned to the Lumberyard with Carlo Debris, though their time there has not been so smooth, as Stafford accidently shunted some cars in the supports of the shed they were resting in, trapping the both of them until Harvey and Rocky cleared away the wreckage.


Splatter and Dodge are awkward, clumsy, and prone to making a mess of things. They dislike steam engines solely because Diesel 10 tells them to, and they often cause a mess wherever they go. Carlo Debris, their new owner, can't stand the sight of them, and they often try to distance themselves from him as much as possible. They can be a very funny pair to watch, if you have the patience for their antics, and hope that one day they can work peacefully and stay out trouble! 



  • Enterprisingengine93 has two models (each) of Splatter and Dodge. The 2001 models and the 2011 models. The 2001 models which were used in earlier episodes have swapped faces.


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