"He's a silent killer."
―Harvey, Henry and Kurt

Stafford the electric shunting engine

Stafford is an electric shunting engine who is based at the shunting yard at Knapford.


Stafford was brought to Sodor to help with shunting, and Spencer was given the job of showing him around. However, Stafford's battery went out three times, but Spencer did not notice this and was rude to him. Eventually, Spencer ran out of coal, and Stafford shunted him to Knapford. There, The Fat Controller told Stafford he was a really useful engine and welcomed him to Sodor.

Stafford was envious of the steam engine sounds his friends made. After impersonating them as his own, and an interesting encounter with Farmer McColl's sheep, Stafford realized that being yourself is enough to be a really useful engine!

Stafford was recently sent to work at The Lumberyard. However, when he accidently pushed a train into the supports of a shed that Splatter and Dodge were resting in, Carlo Debris exiled him from the Lumberyard.

Recently, Stafford has been assigned to The Shunting Yard. When Gordon arrived early for a meeting, Stafford jokingly asked the express engine if he had stopped by to pull a frieght train. When the meeting did begin, Stafford joined in on the discussion.


Stafford is a patient, calm, and mannerly battery-powered engine. Unfortunately, he is prone to run out of battery power and can't do much but shunt. He is also quite accident-prone. He does not let the antics of the bigger, haughtier engines bother him too much, keeps level-headed as he goes about his day, and brushes off any troubles without much fuss. He is more than content with taking things slow and not having to travel long distances and he is more than proud to work on the Fat Controller's railway.