Stephen 1

Stephen is a kind old yellow engine who is a good friend of Sir Robert Norramby. His nickname is "The Rocket".


Stephen was an old engine who had been brought to the Railway by the Earl. After a long duration of repairs at the Crovan's Gate Works, he became trapped in a mine trying to be useful. Spending the night on the lonely dark mine, Stephen inadvertantly uncovered King Godred's lost crown! After the Earl, Thomas, James, Percy and Jack rescued him, he was taken to Ulfstead Castle in fine fashion. Nowadays, Stephen acts as a "tour guide" at Ulfstead Castle.

Stephen was seen behind BoCo when The Fat Controller praised him after BoCo's swimming accident.


He will have an episode to himself in Season 3.


Stephen is an old, wise, jolly and enthusiastic sort. When he returned to steam after over 100 years, he was very excitable and hard to contain. He has mellowed quite a bit, and is very thankful to have a new purpose in life. His wisdom and kindness see no bounds, and he has an excellent sense of humor! 


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