Stepney Makes an Entrance
"Instead of a phenomenal entrance, I'd much rather make a sophisticated exit."
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Date Aired June 2011 (original) October 7, 2011 (remastered)
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Stepney Makes an Entrance is the seventh episode of first season.


Stepney was enjoying his visit to the Island of Sodor and it was nearly time to return home, he began to feel sorry. Donald and Edward did their best to cheer him, Edward suggested him to have a nice long ride, Stepney said goodbye and went to help Duck and Oliver on the Little Western. When Stepney arrived, Duck and Oliver greeted him warmly and they started to work. Later, Duck had to take some passengers to the other end of the line. He asked Stepney to take a ballast train to an old line, Stepney was exicted, Meanwhile Donald was helping Doc, The Ballast Spreader to add fresh ballast to a truck. the workmen were adding a special sort of weedkiller to keep the rails free from weeds. Then Stepney passed by, Donald warned Stepney to go slow, but it was too late, they were heading towards an old shed. Stepney crashed into the shed, and fell into a edge, landing right into the Arlesdale Railway line. Frank and Mike were there, Stepney's Driver and Fireman landed into a cart of wool and they were not hurt. Stepney was badly damaged, and his visit to Sodor, thanks to his accident took much longer he expected. When he was properly mended, he was ready to return to the Bluebell Railway, wishing his friends well as he departed.



  • This was the first episode to be remastered, and it is currently being remastered again.
  • The scene where Stepney fell through the shed and off the ledge was remade in better quality to be seen in two different flashbacks in Swashbuckler and the remastered version of Snow Blind.


  • Someone's shadow (probably EE93) can be seen on the signalbox window at the end of the episode.
  • An insect can be seen crossing Mike's face several times.



Enterprising Engines Stepney Makes an Entrance

Enterprising Engines Stepney Makes an Entrance