Swan Dive
Swan Dive with BoCo and Den
"Are you kidding me? That jerk just gave me a 7.5!"
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Date Aired August 6, 2013
Previous Episode Blunderbuss
Next Episode Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure

Swan Dive is the twentieth episode of the second season.


BoCo is waiting at Brendam Docks for Bill and Ben to bring him his trucks. Cranky, who cannot stand the two little engines, is doubtful that BoCo can control them. Sure enough, Bill and Ben manage to catch BoCo off-guard, giving him a "stealth bash." However, BoCo is able to calm down the two, threatening not to bring them any trucks. The twins settle down, but Cranky is still doubtful. BoCo leaves to get some fuel, and Salty approaches. He asks the twins to tell BoCo to take a train of stone to Crater Lake Bridge. He departs, and BoCo returns. Ben starts to reiterate Salty's message, but Bill cuts him off, having thought of a plan. He convinces BoCo that the stone is needed at the Kellsthorpe Refinery, and BoCo, though somewhat hesitant, heads off to the Refinery.

On the way to the refinery, he passes the bridge over Crater Lake, where Den and Rocky are working to repair the track. Den and BoCo chat for a bit, and even enjoy watching a cliff diving competition for a short while. BoCo then has to depart, and neither he nor Den realizes that he is leaving his desired destination.

Later, he arrives at the Refinery where he meets Walter Sliggs. The stuck-up oil tycoon is apalled at the sight as he had not ordered any stone. BoCo is confused, but cannot express his wonderings as he is forced to listen to Sliggs rambling on about his tennis instructor. Eventually, BoCo realizes that Bill and Ben had tricked him, and he leaves the refinery in quite a hurry. The trucks take advantage of BoCo's rush, and surge onwards, pushing him off of the bridge and into the water below. Thankfully, Den and Rocky quickly rescue BoCo. However, the big diesel is upset that one of the judges gives him a mediocre score after an impressive "swan dive."

Later, soon before BoCo is sent to be repaired, the Fat Controller arrives on Winston. BoCo thinks he will be in trouble, but the Fat Controller wishes to present him with a trophy given by the judges of the cliff diving competition. BoCo is very thrilled, and the Fat Controller and his faithful inspection car rattle away.




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