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"You should have seen the look on his face... well I didn't because I wasn't facing him, but he was really happy!"
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Date Aired October 19th, 2012
Previous Episode Pummeling Percy
Next Episode Munitions

Tag​-Team is the sixteenth episode of the second season.


The episode begins with Gordon, James, and Henry talking about Bear, a diesel from the other railway. Meanwhile, Bear is racing down the rails with the express, having a wonderful time. He is alerted that Henry needs help up the hill, and happily sets off to help. Fergus the traction engine wishes he could go, and Bear feels sorry for him.

When he starts helping Henry, Bear jerks suddenly, causing his driver to spill his coffee. The driver is furious, and says he wishes he could drive something more old-fashioned, which gives Bear an idea.

The stationmaster tells Fergus that Bear overheated and needs Fergus' help. Little does the traction engine know that Bear did not overheat, but is trying to make it look like Fergus is stronger than he really is. Fergus helps push the train up the hill, not aware that Bear is actually pulling it!

Later, Bear is telling the other diesels about his plan, but they do not think it was a good idea. Fergus then overhears the exchange, and, realizing that Bear tricked him, storms off furiously. Bear feels terrible, and leaves the other diesels.



  • This story is continued in Hibernation.
  • This episode marks Bear's first speaking role.


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