TheTTTECommunity is a Youtube channel that was founded by DieselD199, Enterprisingengine93, Percyengine619, Sidekickjason, and Ucwepn. 

History of the Channel

Even before the channel was founded on June 7, 2013, DieselD199 came up with the idea of making a channel that anyone could participate in. Then on July 1, 2013, the channel posted its first video, a video that introduced the channel to members of the community as well as its first project, a remake of Thomas and Gordon (Thomas Gets Tricked.) The production of the remake started on July 4 and ended on July 29, the same day the remake was posted on YouTube.

Their second remake(s) were announced in 2014. They decided to do two remakes this time- namely Off the Rails and Down the Mine.

Their third remake is Pop Goes the Diesel is out on youtube.

Founding Members


  • Enterprisingengine93 made two scenes for Thomas and Gordon remake. One with a close-up of Gordon racing across the line and the other: a better view of Gordon, his coaches, and Thomas.


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