The China Clay Works is a china clay mine on Edward's Branch Line that runs to Brendam Docks.


The China Clay Works can be found at the end of the Brendam Branch Line, and are composed of many expanding quarry operations. In addition to heavy stone being extracted from the mountainous areas, China Clay is heavily rinsed away from the hills using powerful hoses and is transferred into tank cars, trucks, or covered wagons

Bill and Ben, the tank engine twins, are based here. BoCo and Edward are also frequent inhabitants. Suffice to say, The Fat Controller, looking to expand the quarry and clay pit operation, is keen on obtaining more engines and heavy machinery to keep everything running like clockwork!  Derek was also initially stationed here until he proved to be prone to overheating. Following his repairs, he can often be found here. 

Rockslides are a common hazard and can be very frequent and dangerous. On some occasions, the Quarry has been evacuated on account for falling rock, blasting mishaps, or flooding. 

On recent occasions, these rockslides can uncover some intriguing relics of the past, some relics including the complete skeleton of an extinct dinosaur!

Common Residents



  • EnterprisingEngine93 said in his Q&A Video that since he moved houses, he found an excellent construction site that he would use as the China Clay Works in future episodes, but later stated that the ground there was too loose for filming, and it is now filmed on a different location.


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