Mid Sodor Gunpowder Warehouse

The Lost Gunpowder Warehouses are home to a vast quanitity of D. Fusit Gunpowder on the Skarloey Railway.


The gunpowder warehouses are consistently old and run-down. They quite often have large containers filled with gunpowder scattered all over the place. The warehouses are often overgrown with weeds and vines, and there are quite often skeletons lying around. There are also tracks running through the warehouses.


There are four known Gunpowder Warehouses on the Skarloey Railway line recently discovered due to the efforts of Sir Handel, Duncan, Rusty, Vegard, Weaver, Rick Shay, and The Thin Controller

In 2009, the Thin Controller pursued a masked Aura to an overgrown warehouse situated near Arlesburgh. The thief falls through the roof on his motorbike, and the Thin Controller follows him in. After asking for the return of his maps, the masked assailant begins sparing with him. Unknown to the both of them, Proteus appears, opening a box which reveals a sword for the Thin Controller. The two begin to duel, evenly matched until they set off a small explosion, allowing the thief to escape.  

Nestled in a forest far along the line from the Quarry, Sir Handel discovered a warehouse by accident due to an unexpected runaway, the explosives found here were stored in Duke's old shed, until a runaway train that had broken away from Bertram destroyed it. 

Almost a fortress in appearance, Duncan found the second stockhold with the help of an investigation party. The line was nestled in a valley near Ember Gorge. It was burned down during the events of the "Cannon Fodder" incident. 

The third fortress was found by Vegard, Rick, and Weaver by the request of the Thin Controller. Rusty hauled all of the hazardous materials to The Ministry of Defense Complex.