The Lumberyard (owned by the Sodor Logging Co.) is a massive logging enterprise under the jurisdiction of Carlo Debris
Lumberyard Sawmill


The Lumberyard is a large area, much too large to describe all of it, but some of its features include but are not limited to:

  • A small shed
  • A large shunting area
  • Marshaling yards
  • Several sidings
  • Carlo Debris' office
  • Several areas of track
  • Diesel Oil Pumping Shed
  • Sodor Logging Co. Entrance Gate
  • Last Haven
  • A sawmill
  • Several workman residences


The Lumberyard extends for a long stretch of line near the forests near Great Waterton. There are marshalling yards, hidden hide-outs, and an expansive deforestation operation. Hank, Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, and Kurt work there. 

Carlo Debris started the operation long ago, and has worked closely with the railway ever since. The engines don't like working there, mostly because the men Carlo hires can most often be categorized as idiots. The site is crawling with ruffians and drifters looking for work. Many are often injured, and the machinery is not always handled with care. Nonetheless, the yard is still financially prosperous.