The Man in the Hills is a Sudrian landmark inspired by old Sudrian legend.


The Man in the Hills is supposedly a man dressed all in white who roams the hills of the Skarloey Railway area, but no one has ever seen him. A chalk drawing of him has been drawn on the hillside on a rock beside the line.

The original design was found at Green Hills Junction, but recently, according to Mighty Mac, they are starting to appear in other places, such as the short valley stretch to Crovan's Gate Mine, and the Transfer Yards. This seems to have attracted the attention of many parties, in particular Sir Frederick Aura, who believes that the markings have a connection to a shepherd who is in possession of a desired mysterious lamp. 

In his attempt to draw out this shepherd and obtain the lamp, Aura hired two grunts to investigate one of the areas where a marking was present. However, the two's plan of detonation, assumed to be untraceable, drew too much attention due to BoCo and Samson being near the area, which prompted an investigation by the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre and the Ministry of Defense, whom were able to determine that the landslide caused by the detonation was deliberate, prompting Aura to have the two men silenced. 

The markings are actually carved into the rocks by the lamp, but unfortunately for the shepherd owning the lamp, the creation of the most recent marking caused him to dangle off of the bridge that Culdee had fallen off of a few months ago. He was rescued by said engine and Catherine, but had to drop his lamp in order to do so. The lamp thus came into the ownership of the Pack after Oliver dug it up.