The Flying Wing

The Military Jet, also known as The Flying Wing currently resides at the Vicarstown Airbase. He is privately owned.


Nothing much is known about the Flying Wing yet, but he was seen watching the engines doing their work, and when 'Arry and Bert were talking to Paxton and Norman, near the Jet, Sir Frederick Aura was talking with General Zen, having a rather secret conversation.

He has a very interesting history, and Enterprisingengine93 has confirmed he has a relationship with General Zen.

In Snow Blind, he was in Gregory Larson's workshop, awaiting an inspection and return to Vicarstown Airbase. Paul attempted to give him a tune up, but accidentally triggered his guns. After this, Paul realizes that he seems troubled, to which the Jet responds by asking Mr. Larson about how Edward is getting on.



  • The Flying Wing is based on a plane of the same name from the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, and uses said plane's LEGO model. Greg and Lars, among others, are also based on vehicles from this film.