The Mine Junction
The Mine Junction is a massive exchange point that connects several mines and quarries on Sodor. Oil fracking is also common in this area.

The Mine Juncition is situated near Great Waterton, High Tower is nearby.


The Mine Junction is a large area with both standard gauge and narrow gauge tracks. Some of the most prominent features there include:

  • A large, double-tracked green bridge for the Skarloey Railway engines
  • A large, double-tracked cargo crane
  • A long red Narrow Gauge bridge that passes over the junctions.
  • Several workmens' residences
  • A large spotlight
  • An oil refinery owned by Walter Sliggs (destroyed during the events of Aura of Menace)


The Mine Junction is a connecting point from several mines, yards, and the Blue Mountain Quarry. High Tower is also close by. Bertram was lost in a mine that once connected to this area, and now he works here quite frequently. Also, many engines are known to frequently gather here and listen to Duke's tales.

D261 and D199 crashed their train due for the refinery here when they were heading straight on a runaway course to the new enterprise, but were stopped by the efforts of the Pack. Later, Sir Frederick Aura was revealed to have sabotaged the two diesels' brakes and destroyed the Mine Junction's oil posts, devastating the area and killing Darren.




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